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Activities.........Fun! Fun! Fun!

At Bansko Childcare, we pride ourselves on creating fun activities for your children to enjoy. Indoors or outdoors, our caregivers are excellent at being inventive when planning activities. We just love getting mucky, creative and imaginative with arts and crafts, face painting and cooking. Likewise, we also love singing, music and story time.

Bansko childcare will actively encourage your child to flourish in our care.

Bansko Childcare

Infants - 6 months to 2 years


At Bansko Childcare, all of our caregivers are mothers. Your baby will enjoy all the cuddles and tickles as if they were our own. Let our mothers enjoy all the lovely lovely things associated with taking care of your precious ones. 


Your little one will be cozy and comfy indoors being stimulated with age appropriate toys. Weather permitting they will also enjoy the outdoors with gentle buggy strolls to the park.

Bansko Childcare

Pre-School Age


Interesting and pure fun are the order of the day!!  Bansko Childcare will arrive at your apartment or chalet armed with age appropriate toys and materials for indoor and outdoor activities. 

Bansko Childcare will make sure that your child is having fun from the time we arrive until we leave, not forgetting that it is also very important for quiet times to rejuvenate those energy levels. 

Bansko Childcare

Ages 5 Onwards


At Bansko Childcare, we are very aware that this age group will tell us exactly what they want and don't want to do. The difference with Bansko Childcare is that we listen and arrange stimulating and fun activities to suit. We also like to encourage these young people to experience and try new things.

Bansko Childcare

Special Needs


Bansko Childcare is more than happy to welcome children with special needs, disabilities, learning difficulties., allergies or medical conditions We recognise that everyone is uniquely and wonderfully made. Please contact us using the contact page so we can discuss your child's individual needs with our experienced staff.


Bansko Childcare
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